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Thank a Service Member, Inc.

Thank a Service Member is a non-profit organization dedicated to working on behalf of America’s military veterans and active-duty service members, and to creating educational programs, support initiatives, and venues designed to show our appreciation and gratitude for their service and sacrifices.



  • Military Appreciation Campaign (MAC). The Military Appreciation Campaign focuses on one of the most important things we can do as a community: saying, “thank you” to the military men and women who have served our country. The "MAC" mission is accomplished by conducting appreciation and commemoration events throughout the year at VA Hospitals, elderly and long-term care facilities, welcome home events and other select venues.

    In order to provide those we pay tribute to with a lasting reminder and token of our appreciation we have developed the "TASM Coin" which is intended to serve as a source of pride and remembrance.

    Through our events and programs these coins are given (with a hearty hand shake) to active duty military service members, family members of deceased and fallen heroes, and military veterans as our way of saying ”Thanks for your service to our country”.

    For those receiving the coin it is our hope that this medallion will serve as a symbol of our sincere appreciation and gratitude and will be considered a cherished keepsake.

    Please visit the Military Appreciation Campaign page to view the coin and learn more.

  • Community Education Programs and Events. We work hard to educate the public on everything from showing respect to the US Flag to critical issues affecting veterans of all ages. The response to our programs has been overwhelming and we are developing a dedicated Community Education page which we expect to be active soon - please check back often.
  • Scholarships for children of military veterans. Our scholarship program is designed to inspire and assist children of military veterans. More information and programs updates are on the way and will be posted soon.
  • Charity Outreach Program. We often work with other charities to develop or support programs. These collaborations have been very successful and have proven to be an effective and efficient way to reach a wider population while ensuring the focus of the mission remains intact. We are proud to have supported organizations such as Folds of Honor, Veterans Across America, local chapters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. In fact, the list of events has grown so much we are in the process of developing a section dedicated to these organizations and the worthy events we support! Please check back often for updates.
  • Veterans Reintegration and Employment Program. Our Veterans' Reintegration and Employment Program (VREP)focuses on providing critical linkages to a variety of supportive services and guiding veterans into meaningful employment within the labor force.

Help Us Thank Them

We are always looking for volunteers willing to become more involved. Volunteers are the driving force of this organization. Our ability to recruit and retain members who have the experience, dedication, energy, and passion necessary to manage the organization and it's programs will be the key to our future success.

Please, give us a call or drop us a note - you are always welcome to join in and work with us in any way that fits your schedule.


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Make A Difference In Your Community!

Make a difference in the life of a military veteran or active duty service member - Advocate for veterans issues or volunteer your services or time to one or more of the very worthy organizations listed on our links page or pick one in your local community.

Something as simple as volunteering to drive a veteran to the local grocery store or to the doctors office can mean so much - and we guarantee you'll feel better knowing that you've helped someone so worthy of our time and effort!


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Thank you for your support!